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TwitterTats are temporary tattoos of tweets from celebrities, athletes, tech titans and more. Trade them with your friends, wear them to your next concert, or just rep your favorite celebrities. TwitterTats make for great gifts for friends needing some inspiration, or who are just mega-fans.

Are these real tattoos?

No, these are temporary, removable tattoos. You can wash them off at your discretion.

TwitterTats tattoo features

Are tattoos printed in color?


Will I be able to read the tattoo?

While small, it will be clearly readable from a few feet away and recognizable as a Tweet. We print at 300 DPI, so the text will be particulary crisp.

How big are the tattoos?

Measurements are an approximation:

A tweet with one line of text - will be about 3.2 inches wide x 1.3 inches tall.

A tweet with two lines of text - will be about 3.0 inches wide x 1.4 inches tall.

Are they safe for my skin?

Absolutely, while this may sound like a funny idea, we very much care about your health. No mercury, no lead, easily removable with baby oil.

How do I apply the tattoos?

  1. Peal away the clear plastic layer to expose the adhesive.
  2. Apply the tattoo's adhesive side to skin and cover with a wet cloth for 10-15 seconds.
  3. To remove wipe skin with baby oil and wipe away with cloth.

How long do the tattoos last?

2-3 days without scrubbing.

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